Mutualism: The Relationship Between Reporters and PR Practitioners

Public relations and journalism rely heavily on each other for news ideas, press coverage and so much more. It’s essential to network and build long-lasting relationships with reporters who have the power to generate positive, honest and credible content for your product, service or client. Long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with reporters is key to surviving in public relations. What you know is important, but who you know will get you just as far in this business.

Bloggers and reporters are two very influential sources that the public relies on for information. A PR practitioner looking to pitch a story idea needs to conduct research and find media contacts whose readers or viewers may have an interest in a particular story. Submitting a blind pitch can ruin any professional relationship you could have held with members of the media. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand why a writer may or may not want to cover a particular story. It’s easy to burn bridges, so tread lightly do not step on any toes.

It’s also important to find a unique angle to your news release that targets a particular audience or demographic. We can no longer write press releases like hard news stories or promotional material and expect a response. Humanize, localize and personalize. A well written news release could potentially land your client some much needed publicity and will provide the reporter with content to do his own job.


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