A Life Immersed in Sports

Brad Borghetti is a name heard a lot around the USF athletics department. He is the assistant director of communications for USF athletics and someone who turned his lifelong passion into a fulfilling career.

Growing up in Youngstown, Ohio, Borghetti spent most of his childhood participating in sports and staying active within his community. His parents were positive figures in his life growing up. They kept him on the right track and continuously pushed him to stay ahead in life.

Sports helped him stay focused. They were a big commitment in his life throughout high school, and he was a driven student-athlete who had his sights set on a college education.

Borghetti eventually left the state of Ohio to attend the University of Pittsburgh. When asked about his college experience, Borghetti said, “I enjoyed being in Pittsburgh. I enjoyed the city and the university. It was a first-class education. Challenging but fair, and I got a lot of unique opportunities because of it.”

These unique opportunities gave Brad a window into the world of sports media. He spent time studying medicine but eventually ended up in the communications field. He liked everything about this field. After graduation he moved to Florida and pursued an internship with the athletics department at the University of South Florida. After one year as an intern, Borghetti was promoted to assistant director of communications. He has been working full time in this position for the past 15 months.


Borghetti interviews USF wide receiver Theo Wilson for BullsVision


Every day on the job, he’s constantly reminded of how fortunate he is to be in this position. “Getting to work in sports is very rewarding because it was always a big part of my life. It’s enjoyable, and that is a big part of my career fulfillment and longevity.”

He played baseball, basketball and football growing up, so having the chance to still be involved in collegiate sports is something that Borghetti never takes for granted. His passion for sports landed him a spot on the winning team, and that team is USF Athletics.


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