A Life Immersed in Sports

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A Life Immersed in Sports

Blurb: An interview was conducted with Brad Borghetti, assistant director of communications, on November 2, 2010. Borghetti spoke of many experiences: college, childhood, high school, USF, his current job and more.

TAMPA- Brad Borghetti is a name that is heard a lot around the USF athletics department. He is the assistant director of communications for USF athletics, and an individual who turned his lifelong passion into a fulfilling career.

Growing up in Youngstown, Ohio, Borghetti spent most of his childhood participating in sports and staying as active as possible. His parents were positive figures in his life growing up. They kept him on the right track, and continuously pushed him to stay ahead in life.

This motivation propelled Borghetti to do great things both in high school and college. His words were honest, confessing that he was not one to go above and beyond in his academics. Sports were a big focus in his life at that point, but he was a committed student athlete who had his sights set on a college education.

Borghetti eventually left the state of Ohio to attend the University of Pittsburgh. When asked about his college experience, Borghetti said, “I enjoyed being in Pittsburgh. I enjoyed the city and the university. It was a first class education; it was challenging, it was fair and I got a lot of unique opportunities because of it.”

Similar to many first time college students, he spent time studying medicine, but eventually ended up in the communications field. His major was communications. Borghetti liked everything about this major. It gave him the opportunity eventually to pursue an internship at the USF athletics department, where he currently works. After one year of the internship, Borghetti was promoted to assistant director of communications. He has been working fulltime at this job for the past 15 months.

Borghetti feels very fortunate to have a job in sports. He explained, “Getting to work in sports is very rewarding because it was always a big part of my life and it is something that is enjoyable, and that is a big part of being happy in your career.”

He is now the primary sports contact for USF baseball and women’s soccer, and a secondary contact for USF football. He played baseball, basketball and football growing up, so having the chance to still be involved in collegiate sports is something that Borghetti feels passionate about.

He stressed the importance of having a job that he enjoys going to everyday. “If I was just punching numbers, I don’t think I would be very good at it and I probably wouldn’t like it too much.” Borghetti came to this realization in college, and since then he has captured many opportunities in the field of sports communication.

Borghetti expressed his appreciation for the outdoors, but explained that Florida is not the best place for an outdoorsman to spend his free time. He has a job that is also his hobby, and that is something that can be admired. Mr. Borghetti’s passion for sports landed him a spot on the winning team, and that team is at the University of South Florida.

Brad Borghetti on the computer at his office at the USF athletics department.

Audio Feed: Interview with Brad Borghetti

Brad Walker

MMC 2100 Writer

10 November 2010


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