USF Administrators Read Between the Lines

USF students now have the option to rent textbooks from their campus bookstore. This is not new on college campuses, but it is a welcome change for financially burdened students.

Tampa, Fla.– USF students can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that when it’s time to obtain textbooks for the semester, the USF bookstore is offering more affordable options.

To limit the high costs students pay textbooks, the USF Tampa book store will allow students to rent textbooks and return them at the end of each semester. On average, college students spend $1,000 annually on textbooks. With the cost of tuition, room and board and other expenses, USF administrators quickly realized that something needed to give.

“The benefit of college bookstores is they can offer more of what their students want—more choice, more price points and more savings,” said Nick Fagnoni, store manager at the USF Tampa book store.

Students are concerned about the high costs of textbooks. Some used books are available at a lower price, but new books often need to be purchased because used books may not be available for a particular course.

“I’ve bought hundreds of dollars worth of textbooks this semester, all out of pocket,” said Eli Klasne, a junior majoring in international studies. “Purchasing textbooks is not a smart financial decision. I only need textbooks for one semester, and it’s not necessary to own them. Renting is convenient, cheaper and saves me money that can go toward other expenses.”

Money is tight for a lot of students, many who are already accruing massive amounts of student loan debt.

Jarrett Nave, a junior majoring in accounting, expressed his content when he heard about the new rental program.

“I grew up in a low income household and I’m also a first generation college student,” said Nave. “I may not be as financially well off as other students and their families, which is why I try to save money whenever I can.”

With other book rental alternatives such as Amazon and Chegg available to students, the USF bookstore found it increasingly difficult to keep up with their competitors. Renting is the new norm for many college campus bookstores, and USF wants to be a university that remains sensitive to the needs of its students.

USF has now joined 1,500 other universities in an effort to alleviate these textbook troubles once and for all.



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