My Encounter With a Bottlenose Dolphin

One of the best perks of my job is working in a location that is teeming with wildlife. The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute is located on Bayboro Harbor in downtown St. Petersburg, and each day we have a unique opportunity to witness something special. On my lunch break a few weeks ago, I was observing schools of tarpon rolling over the calm waters of the harbor when a bottlenose dolphin approached the seawall near our building in search of a quick lunch. The dolphin provided a solid 10 minutes of entertainment while chasing fish and playing hide and seek with its prey. A few of my coworkers were there to see it, and it was certainly a unique experience for all of us. We often find great stories when we least expect it, and having the freedom to grab a camera (or my phone in this case) and escape the confines of my desk is one of the best parts of my job. Seeing a dolphin in the wild is much more rewarding than seeing one behind glass, and I hope everyone has an opportunity to experience what we did that day.


Psychographics: The New Buzz Word

Why can’t practitioners no longer use demographics to tailor a message to a target audience?

Segmenting is about the feelings, attitudes and perceptions of a consumer that drives purchase decisions. Focusing solely on demographic information will result in a failed campaign, and here’s why. Consumer’s personal attitudes, beliefs and morals are becoming more important when identifying key messages. Demographics only scratch the surface when it comes to identifying a target market.

Consumers have lives that are shaped by personal experiences, and they’re searching for brands that closely align with their values as human beings. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can play a big role in building trust with publics that appreciate companies that are not solely focused on their bottom lines. Grassroots campaigns, community involvement and compassion toward others will go a long toward placing your client in a positive light with the people who matter most.