The Little Things That Make Florida Home

I talk to a lot of my friends about their plans after graduation, and the one response I hear most often is an eagerness to leave the state of Florida. I’ve never quite understood it, but maybe that’s because this humid subtropical paradise is the only place I’ve ever known.

Growing up in the Florida Keys made a lasting impression on me, everything from exploring coastal mud flats with friends to witnessing the pristine beauty of coral reefs, remote beaches and abundant marine life. The fond memories of waking up at sunrise to spend a day with my family on our boat have been lost in the waves of urban life.

I consider myself lucky to have experienced such a unique childhood in a little place known as Cudjoe Key, Fla.

Some yearn for snow and others seek mountain terrains, but my loyalty will always lie with the sea. It’s something about the sun, sand and saltwater that’s engrained in my character and being.

If you’re thinking of coming down to Florida and you’re not going to Disneyland, take some time to explore the many other amazing places Florida has to offer.


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