Public Relations and Social Media: A Perfect Match?

Many public relations professionals realize the usefulness of social media in their professions. It’s a growing area of communication which not only appeals to the way businesses communicate with the public but also the transparency it provides between clients and the public. An interesting PRSA journal written by Tina McCorkindale, Ph.D, covered the lack of effort from major public relations firms to utilize what Facebook has to offer.

Weber Shandwick and KRC research (2007) surveyed Fortune 200 companies and found 69 percent currently used social networking sites, while 37 percent planned to use more of them over the next five years. These are hopeful statistics. Businesses don’t operate in a silo, and social media will allow brands to use these sites as customer service tools.

Whether you’re trying to reach a consumer or a business, the connection and and authenticity social media provides is unparalleled. McCorkindale explained that many businesses use Facebook as a tool to increase brand recognition, but much of the potential uses for social media remain untapped.



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